It's good to be back at 1-2 Simple Cooking and we hope you all had a very Happy New Year! We're proud to say we've successfully launched our first season on our You Tube Channel, be sure to subscribe if you haven't already. We taught you how to roast a chicken, pan sear a steak, how to pick and prep vegetables and even whipped up a few recipes and threw in some kitchen hacks for good measure. 

We hope you enjoyed tagging along in our cooking adventures and look forward to BIGGER and BETTER things for 2014! This year, we're determined to encourage more people to cook in their kitchens and become proactive in exploring the source of their foods.  It's fascinating the ways that good food can nourish and transform our bodies. 

We'll share cool links and videos we find around the web, anywhere from inspiring figures in the food industry to interesting studies on food and nutrition. We're also striving to be better about eating breakfast in the morning and putting more vegetables on our plate. 

Most importantly, we want to hear more from you: questions about cooking, challenges you face in the kitchen, or maybe even a great recipe to share! Our goal is to empower singles and couples with the skills to make simple, wholesome meals at home because we deserve it. 

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We'll be sharing our very first Links We Love this Sunday but in the meantime, be sure to check out our updated Pinterest boards that coincides with our recipe categories on our website. We even included boards with some of the main items on our weekly grocery list to help you with ideas on how to utilize extra ingredients and leftovers. 

What are some of your new eating goals for the year? Share your resolutions on our Instagram or Twitter accounts, we want to hear what you've got!