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1. A good quality Chef’s knife/8” Global Chef’s Knife 2. A large cast iron skillet/13.25” Lodge Round Cast Iron Seasoned Skillet 3. Plastic Wrap, Foil and Paper Towels 4.  Paring knife/4” Henckels Pro Paring Knife 5. Hand blender/Cuisinart 2-Speed Hand Blender 6. Plastic cutting boards/Norpro Flexible Cutting Boards, Set of 3 7. Toaster oven/ Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven 8. Zester/ Microplane Zester 9. Glass Tupperware Containers/ Snapware Glasslock 18-pc set 10. Tongs/ Portman 12”Locking Tongs

You’d be amazed as to what a difference a good knife can make. I’ve had my Global knife for over 5 years now and still works like a dream. There’s several options for all price ranges – from Globals to Henckels to more mid-range knives like, Schimidt Brothers Cutlery where you can nab a chef’s knife AND paring knife for $70.

Cast iron skillets are so versatile. You can fry eggs, make pancakes, bake breads, cakes, casseroles, and great for stir-frys, etc. – this is one item that could last you a lifetime and the more you use it, the less maintenance you need! It’s also a great space saver for ones cooking in a small kitchen.

Plastic wrap comes is handy for covering bowls, or wrapping pre-cut ingredients with. It keeps the surface from drying out and can help food last longer. Foil is used for baking and grilling and paper towels or kitchen rags are handy for cleanup.

Paring knives are made to cut smaller ingredients with more precision.

This hand blender saves you the space of having to buy a blender, a food processor, or a whisk. It’s a quick way to whip up a smoothie or puree soups and sauces. The food processor is just small enough to make perfect portions for one to two.

It’s nice to have a few cutting boards, one for each category: raw, cooked, fruits and vegetables.  You can also opt for an antimicrobial surface like bamboo, check out this cute one from Etsy.

Zesters can be used in a variety of ways. Grate a little citrus zest on top of a salad or some cheese over pasta – it’s can also be used as a cheat to mince garlic or ginger, just watch your fingers!

Glass tupperware is a life changer – it stays odorless and antimicrobial and really helps your fridge stay neat and organized.  A lot of brands offer combo packs so you’re able to have options of all different sizes.

Tongs can offer more control than a spatula when cooking. They can also be used as a utensil to serve food or flip meats on the grill. 

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